An update on repealing BSL in Ontario

I fully understand that the legislative process in this Province can be confusing and I thought it might be helpful to explain to you the difficult place our Bill to repeal breed specific legislation in Ontario is in.

Last session in the Legislature, my Bill to repeal BSL, as you may remember, passed through first reading, second reading and a legislative committee. The only step left was for the Bill to be voted on one final time at third reading. Unfortunately, only the Government can call a Bill for third reading. It is a legislative power that only the Government possesses. When Premier McGuinty resigned and prorogued the Legislature last October, our Bill died in the process.

So, where does that leave us? Well, we're sort of between a rock and a hard place. Many of you have asked me why I simply don't reintroduce the Bill. The reality is that while I can and may still do just that, we will find ourselves stuck at the same roadblock if we take that path. Given the current minority parliament, we would probably be able to get a new Bill back through first reading, second reading and committee. Unfortunately, we would still be stuck waiting on the Government to call it for third reading.

So, what can we do to end BSL? The only way that we'll ever get the Liberals to call this Bill is for them to see just the outrage that everyday families have with BSL. They need to see that everyone is fed up with it.

This is where you can help me end BSL. With your help, over 6,800 people have signed my petition to recall my Bill to repeal BSL for third reading. That's a good start, but we need to reach out to as many people as possible. Please continue to share the petition and push it out to new people who also share our concern. But that's not all we need to do. As I've been doing for the past two years, I've been making your concerns known through the halls of Queen's Park and trying to exercise every possible avenue for BSL's repeal. As well, I have been introducing petitions to repeal breed specific legislation and let our politicians know what you want. 

I hope to have an exciting update for you in the near future and will keep you abreast of all developments on this important issue. Please continue to share our petition and tell your MPP what you think of BSL.

Together we will get this awful law repealed.


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