Letter to the Progress Conservative Cabinet March of 2020

Here is the letter I sent one day after lockdowns to the Premier and his ministers, warning of the path they were taking.


Letter to the Minister of Health regarding the Speaker's letter on COVID testing reliability

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Response Letter from the OPP Commissioner on Unexplained Deaths Investigation

OPP Commissioner Carrique has directed my request for an investigation into vaccine related injuries and deaths to Ontario's Chief Coroner's Office for review. I appreciate the value that a Coroner’s opinion and findings would provide.

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Motion 8: Temporary Government Measures Becoming Permanent?

24 November 2021

(PERTH) When governments assume for themselves any additional powers or privileges under the guise of a temporary emergency, history has demonstrated that they are unlikely to relinquish those powers. First granted in March 2020 for two weeks, then renewed through many votes first in July 2020, then in May 2021, and again yesterday. This is a never ending “emergency”.

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Letter to the Speaker regarding MPP Hillier being barred from duties

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