Motion 8: Temporary Government Measures Becoming Permanent?

24 November 2021

(PERTH) When governments assume for themselves any additional powers or privileges under the guise of a temporary emergency, history has demonstrated that they are unlikely to relinquish those powers. First granted in March 2020 for two weeks, then renewed through many votes first in July 2020, then in May 2021, and again yesterday. This is a never ending “emergency”.

This is evident with the perpetual extensions of emergency powers assumed under the guise of the emergency posed by COVID-19. This Ontario government has repeatedly lied to the people of Ontario on such issues as vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, and proposed metrics for terminating the state of emergency. The Premier has flipped on all of these issues, even after telling the people of Ontario that such measures would never be implemented, with restrictions persisting beyond the achievement of various metrics previously targeted in order to lift them.


Despite this being grossly unfavourable to a substantial portion of the electorate, it is increasingly clear that our elected officials have abdicated their leadership obligations, instead running the province according to the whims of an unelected, unaccountable public health bureaucracy.

The previous extension of these powers occurred on May 31, 2021. I was present in the Legislature that day, on behalf of all Ontarians who have been victimized by the reckless governance of the COVID-19 era, and the destruction it has wrought on all of us. Opposition parties were present to vote against this extension, however they failed to bring enough of their members (some who were present on the grounds of Queens Park) to defeat the motion. This vote was no different than the last extension of the emergency powers, with a government and opposition collusion that ensured its passing.

All legislative chambers throughout Canada have been compromised by deeply corrupt political forces, with phony politicians offering nothing more than elaborate political theatre while those who actually oppose these measures are prevented from attending. 


Voting "no" against Motion 8 would have done nothing to prevent it from passing. The Premier has majority control of the Ontario Legislature, and is covertly supported, by the Opposition. The solution to our current crisis in government won't be found in misleading information or the theatrical optics of political charades that some are playing. This crisis will only end when the people rise up with one voice and demand an end to the madness.


The halls of power have decided that our voice doesn’t matter, and isn’t to be heard. That is why I will continue dedicating my efforts to unite Ontarians across the province by speaking to them directly in the public forum.


Randy Hillier





Queen’s Park 416-325-2244

Constituency 613-267-8239

[email protected]

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