Press Release: Our Governments Have Created Food Shortages

20 January 2022


(PERTH,  ON) Over the past two years, we have seen governments assume powers and privileges under the guise of protecting us from a “pandemic”, by reducing hospital capacity, and supposedly protecting our supply chains. Two years ago, Mr. Hillier (MPP, Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston) warned of the implications of this power grab on March 18th 2020, one day after the Premier introduced our first lockdown. You can read his letter to Cabinet at the link below, but the warning has only fallen on deaf ears, as our governments insist on implementing more actions that harm what they swore to protect.

“A number of small to medium shipping companies across Canada and Ontario have closed their doors over the last two years,” Mr. Hillier said. “From the Premier’s decision to pressure employers to require vaccines, to the producer and store closures that have halved production across our province…these are just some reasons that contributed to these closures,” Mr. Hillier continued. “Now, the Prime Minister’s decision to require vaccines at the border for essential truck drivers, alongside the countless delays drivers already face crossing, means the lines to our stores and supermarkets are being irreparably damaged.”

The numerous images and stories from constituents and citizens of Ontario that have been shared with Mr. Hillier’s office illustrate that the collapse of the supply chain has begun. It is clear that the looming crisis Canadians are beginning to face is not the result of a virus, but a product of the orders and fiats of both our Premier and the Prime Minister.

“I call on the people of Ontario, and our great truckers, to raise your voices against the Premier’s and Prime Minister’s edicts before basic necessities for life are unavailable. All of Canada’s provincial Premiers and the Prime Minister must immediately revoke all mandates and orders that are collapsing our economy and destroying our freedoms,” concluded Mr. Hillier.

You can find Mr. Hillier’s original letter to the Premier and his Ministers here:

Below are photos from January 19th and 20th of this year, showing empty store shelves across Ontario:



North Bay






St. Catherines

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