The Scuttlebutt from Queen's Park: Real Action for Real Problems

Much has transpired since my last newsletter, both good news as well as some disappointing news. Let’s start with the good news first: 

The Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital and I continue to actively pursue the Ministry to redevelop the hospital. Recently CPDMH has started an online campaign, and you can help us by putting voice to your concern on the Hospital’s website here as well as by signing my petition here.

Last week I met with Howard Bogach, the CEO of Tarion, regarding the many complaints I receive from new home owners and their frustration dealing with this Ontario Government agency. It’s painfully clear to me that reforms are needed and I will continue to advocate for a value-for-money audit of Tarion. You can sign my petition here and view my comments in the legislature here.

Hydro One billing problems continue to be the greatest source of difficulty reported to my Constituency Offices. Earlier this year I requested that the Ombudsman investigate the multitude of billing errors and I have been informed that his office has begun investigating. It appears we’re making some progress but the end of these problems is still not in sight. You can read my original letter to the Ombudsman here as well as his response here. You can file your Hydro One complaint directly with the Ombudsman here .

Lyme disease, its debilitating effects, and the unresponsiveness of the Ministry of Health to those impacted by the disease is a matter of great concern for me. I will continue my efforts to bring awareness to Lyme Disease at Queen's Park. I have entered our Lyme disease petition into the Legislature and look forward to the Minister's response. You can view the video of me introducing the petition here and also sign the petition here.

Since the return of the Legislature on September 9th, I have reintroduced two pieces of legislation. One bill is designed to reduce the significant burden of government red tape while the other bill would repeal Ontario's breed specific dog legislation. You can view the introduction of these bills here and here.

Finally, many of you may have heard or read any one of the many media reports concerning my removal as the Ontario PC Labour critic. If you would like to know more about this, please read Kelly Egan’s Ottawa Citizen column here. Although I was disappointed by the decision that was made, I remain steadfast and committed to representing my constituents with conviction and integrity, regardless if it results in disagreements or demotions within my party.

Best Regards,

Randy Hillier, MPP