The Scuttlebutt from Queen's Park: From Property Rights to Pitbulls

The Legislature is almost back in session and it's time another Scuttlebutt before summer's end. There's only two days left of discounted early bird registration for the Second Annual Canadian Property Rights Conference. I also want to give you an update of what I'm doing to fix issues at Tarion and Hydro One and to end Ontario's breed specific legislation.

 2 days left for early bird registration for Canadian Property Rights Conference 2013

It's the last week for discounted early-bird registration for the Canadian Property Rights Conference. Last year I was a speaker at the fantastic and inaugural conference and I'm very excited for the impressive speakers lined up for this year's conference at Ottawa’s Lord Elgin Hotel on September 13th-15th.

For a low fee of $100, attendees will be able to see speakers and topics such as:

  • Keynote Speaker and former leader of Canada's Official Opposition Stockwell Day;
  • Planning, development and property rights with planning expert Wendell Cox and the Manning Foundation’s David Seymour;
  • Property rights in an urban setting with the Cato Institute’s Randal O’Toole;
  • Environmental benefits of property rights with Sun Media’s John Robson;
  • Property rights and the Charter with the University of Saskatchewan’s Dwight Newman;
  • And many more!

For more information and to register for this exciting conference which I’m happy to be a part of, click here.

Value for money audit of Tarion Warranty Corporation
In my six years as a Member of Provincial Parliament, I have consistently received complaints from both homeowners and homebuilders regarding Tarion Warranty Corporation. This past week I wrote to Ontario's Minister of Consumer Services, Tracy MacCharles, requesting that a value for money audit be conducted of Tarion Warranty Corporation. You can view my letter to Minister MacCharles here. Additionally, I have launched a petition on my website and in my constituency offices calling on the Minister to conduct an audit on the monopoly that has caused so many headaches for so many people. You can sign that petition by clicking here or by texting TARION to 613-703-1999.

Ombudsman responds on Hydro One issues
As you may recall, a few weeks back I sent Ontario's Ombudsman André Marin a letter requesting that he conduct an investigation of Hydro One over its opaque billing practices. The Ombudsman has responded that it is a concern that they have been reviewing. You can view Mr Marin's response here and my original letter here.

Reintroducing a Bill to end BSL in Ontario
I originally introduced Bill 16 because I felt that Ontario's Dog Owner's Liability Act was unfair to both dogs and to their owners. The fact that we have laws that allow officious bureaucrats to invade someone's home without a warrant, seize a dog without any proof it poses a danger and kill them should offend any reasonable person's sense of justice.

We've spent the last year trying to convince Ontario's Liberal Government that they should stand for justice by protecting dogs and protecting property owners. That's why nearly 8,100 petition signatures of people across Ontario have signed our petition to resurrect Bill 16 and end Ontario's disastrous breed specific legislation once and for all. Unfortunately, they are not budging. I think it's time to make a statement once again and that's why when the House returns from its summer break at the beginning of September, I'll be reintroducing a Bill to repeal Ontario's BSL laws. Please call and write your MPP telling them you support ending BSL.

Best Regards,

Randy Hillier, MPP
Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington