Statement by Randy Hillier regarding Labour Portfolio

It was with much disappointment that I was informed yesterday that I had been removed from my role as Ontario PC Labour Critic. It is a role that I have held since 2009 when Tim Hudak took over as Leader of our Party.

For years I have fought tirelessly against what I saw as wrongdoings and my constituents have always known that they could trust me to stand up for them regardless of the consequences.

Yesterday I was forced to face those consequences personally.

Three months ago I sent a private email to my Caucus colleagues sharing my concerns over a proposed piece of Legislation. Recently that correspondence was the basis of multiple news stories after it was leaked to the press.

In a call yesterday, Tim Hudak demanded that I both apologize for allegedly breaking Caucus confidentiality and to publicly retract the comments I had made in the aforementioned email.

I have never broken Caucus confidentiality and I have no doubt that any one of the reporters I spoke to regarding the recent news stories can corroborate just that.

I made it clear to Tim that under no circumstances would I retract the comments and concerns that I raised three months ago and that I still stand by to this day.

While I remain disappointed that this was the ultimatum I was forced to choose between, I would rather accept this demotion than sacrifice the integrity that my constituents have always expected from me.

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