Queen's Park Scuttlebutt: The End of the Session and Property Rights Conference

The Legislature recessed for the summer on June 20, however a number of standing committees will continue to deliberate and receive public delegations throughout the summer. And of course the best part of the Legislature recessing is that I can devote more time to local problems and concerns rather than the political charades and nonsense of Queen’s Park and Toronto.

On Deck

During my town hall meetings many people asked about Mark Milke's book Stealth Confiscation - How the government steals and devalues private property without compensation, I now have these at my offices in Napanee, Perth, Carleton Place or Queen’s Park.

I'll be releasing a white paper on labour reform in the coming days. As Labour Critic, I have introduced substantial legislation to reform Ontario's archaic labour legislation. These efforts are now bearing fruit as the party releases the white paper with bold new reforms that I have presented as private members legislation in the past. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter as we launch these bold new ideas.

Property Rights Conference

The Institute for Liberal Studies (ILS) is hosting the Canadian Property Rights Conference in Ottawa from September 14-16. Scott Reid and I are working in conjunction with the ILS to bring renowned panelists from across North America to Ottawa to advance entrenching constitutional reforms for the protection of private property rights. Don't be fooled by the name "Institute for Liberal Studies”; the ILS group strongly promote freedom and free markets along the lines of classical liberal philosophy.

I'll be meeting with the federal negotiator on the Algonquin Sovereignty/lands claim; it looks like this never ending process may finally be coming to a close. I'll keep everyone posted.

Throughout the summer I'll be attending numerous speaking engagements and events, including this Wednesday June 27 in Perth for "In the Mood for Peace".

What(s) happened?

As I'm sure you've heard the Liberal budget bill passed third reading on June 20 with much media hysteria and theatrics; behind the scenes it was a very different story. The budget rolled out exactly as pre-determined due to the programming motions that all parties gave unanimous consent to on June 7. This is the part of politics that I find extremely distasteful- that is, parties trying to make it appear that they're fighting for people on principled grounds, while doing the exact opposite behind the scenes. And of course the media gets duped into this spinning trap either unintentionally or willingly.

Behind the Scenes

Recently I began publishing a number of my letters and correspondence with various Ministries regarding many of the unjust and unfair actions of their agencies and branches, you can see them here.

I had a great day supporting Camp Quality along with Milt & Debbie Dennie at their annual golf tournament at the Timber Run in Lanark.

Be on the Lookout

I've been receiving many reports of Health Inspectors showing up unannounced trying to enforce regulations on small resort operators-know the law, because many of these Inspectors don't, and are trying to coerce operators into expensive water systems where the Health Unit has no authority to do so.

Also, the Ministry of Labour inspectors are accessing local building permits to investigate job sites, so once again-know the Law. If you are doing the work yourself these inspectors have little or no authority.


Any thoughts or suggestions you may have either in the form of legislation or to improve communications are always welcomed.

Best regards,

Randy Hillier, MPP