Queen's Park Scuttlebutt: Labour law, BSL and Women's Rights

Two weeks ago I sent you an update from Queens Park entitled "The Scuttlebutt from Queens Park" and received so much positive response I've decided to do it again.

As you are probably aware the three pillars which guide my political undertakings are "Freedom, Justice & Democracy"

Last week in the House

The Liberals are still refusing to accept that they are in a minority Parliament and are obstructing the formation of a Select Committee on the ORNGE scandal as well as allowing Private Members Bills to reach third reading. The PC party has turned up the heat on them and are filibustering all house activities and stopping all government legislation from reaching third reading.On Monday I asked the Finance Minister a Question regarding my "Trust in Arbitration Act" which I had tabled the week before. Instead of addressing the question of how the Minister of Finance will actually reign in public sector wages, he deflected the question to the Minister of Labour. Needless to say the Ministers response was all fluff & stuff and demonstrated the Liberals are not taking spending restraint or a freeze on public sector wages seriously or honestly. Click here for the video.

It was also a marvelous evening at the Steynomite event on Tuesday evening. Mark Steyn is a magnificent orator and writer and this was the first time I've seen him deliver his message wrapped up in humour and skits. If Steynomite ever comes to a neighbourhood near you make sure you see it. Click here for more info.

On Wednesday the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills met for the final day of public delegations regarding Bill 16 which I introduced to end the Dog breed specific bans. The Committee has heard from hundreds of people both in person and through written submissions on the injustice caused by the present breed ban. Over 1000 family pets have been euthanized as they were mistaken as pit bulls. Click here to see a highlight clip from this past week’s hearings or here to read the transcripts.

I delivered a members statement on Maria Toorpakai Wazir. Maria's story is a powerful one of a young girl who fled her repressive tribal culture to Canada and now, as a women with new found freedoms and prosperity, is helping women throughout the Middle East and Asia find freedom and prosperity as well. Click here to view my statement.

Coming up this week

On Tuesday May 1st, I will be tabling the first in a series of Labour Reform Bills to provide workers with greater choice and subject to less union coercion, as well as beginning to turn our province out of the long skid we have been in.

On Wednesday May 2nd, I will be attending the Merit Ontario AGM for open shop contractors along with Tim Hudak in Oakville.

Also on Wednesday I will be attending the first ever "Liberty On the Rocks" evening in Toronto. For all liberty minded advocates, you are more than welcome to join me.

On Thursday May 3rd, I will be speaking in the House on the 20th anniversary of Falun Gong to be held in Toronto on May 5. Many of you will know that practitioners of Falun Gong have been persecuted in China and abroad, and that I have raised these points regarding China, Falun Gong and Tibet in the past.

Best regards,

Randy Hillier
MPP Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington