Hillier Introduces Motion to Allow E-Petitions

(QUEEN'S PARK) - Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, tabled a Motion today calling on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to revise its Standing Orders to allow electronic petitions to be tabled in the House.

Westminster-style Parliaments including the British House of Commons, the Senate of Australia, the National Assembly of Quebec, the Scottish Parliament and others all allow electronically-signed petitions. Other Parliaments do as well. "For all we talk about trying to get our youth involved in democracy, for all we talk about trying to get people in remote and rural areas involved in democracy, we seldom do more than talk," said MPP Hillier. "The use of electronic petitions in countries like Scotland and Australia and in Provinces like Quebec shows their success in getting more people involved in democracy."

"This is a simple way to get people involved in democracy again that all Members of the Legislative Assembly should be able to support."

Mr. Hillier's Motion reads as follows: "That the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly be instructed to: (a) consider the reform of Standing Order 39 to allow for electronically-signed petitions to be tabled before the Legislative Assembly of Ontario with equal standing to that of traditional petitions; (b) study the practices of other Westminster-style Parliaments in relation to e-petitions; (c) propose any necessary modifications to the Standing Orders and the practices of the House; and (d) report its findings to the House no later than four weeks following the adoption of this order."



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