Stop Mandatory Face Masks

While Mandatory Face Mask policy is being decided by public poll, without evidence, I thought it is about time I did a public poll myself in the form of a petition.

More and more I am hearing stories of constituents and others around Ontario being denied entry to grocery stores, pharmacies, public transit, and other establishments for being unable to wear a face mask.

Despite our health unit and other regions providing exemptions for those who cannot wear a face mask, and clarifying they do not need to provide proof, many still are facing discrimination.

If you agree, and think we have the right to our privacy and the freedom from harassment and discrimination, sign the petition below.

Help spread this petition to your community by downloading our printable petition here.


A Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario – MANDATORY FACE MASKS

WHEREAS public policy mandating face masks from both municipal governments and public health units are based upon public opinion polls;

AND WHEREAS competent medical professionals across specializations agree the mandating of face masks will not prevent the transmission from COVID-19;

AND WHEREAS despite exemptions being provided for medical conditions without proof, many still face harassment and discrimination;

AND WHEREAS many organizations such as the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, and peer-reviewed studies
published by New England Journal of Medicine advise against the wearing of masks for healthy people;

AND WHEREAS our opinions have not been considered in these mandatory face mask polls;

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

That the Government of Ontario take a firm stance against mandatory face masks, striking down all policies mandating indoor public face mask use, and provide guidance to businesses as to the privacy rights the public has to their medical information.

449 signatures

Will you sign?

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