Ontario Coalition Government Tables Best Budget Since Rae

(QUEEN’S PARK) Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, congratulated new Premiers Andrea Horwath and Kathleen Wynne, over their tabling of the most fiscally progressive budget Ontario has seen since Premier Rae.

“I had my doubts whether their coalition could actually pull this off,” said Hillier. “But once I took a closer look at the budget, I was so impressed that Ms. Horwath and Ms. Wynne followed the shining examples of Greece, Italy and Spain. It’s a tough decision to saddle future generations with billions of dollars of debt, but they did a great job.”

In this year’s budget, the governing coalition increased spending by only $3.7 Billion, increasing provincial spending to a paltry $127.6 Billion. Premier Horwath will likely be slightly upset over her role governing the province as only 1/3 of the increases in spending went to her pet projects.

“I recognize that Premier Horwath had a tough decision acquiescing to all of Premier Wynne’s demands in this budget, but it appears she made the right call in these tough times,” said Hillier. “I know they weren't sure whether they were going to be able to double Ontario’s debt in only 10 years, but when faced with the challenge they stepped up to the plate.”

With the tabling of yesterday’s budget, the Government’s ten year goal of doubling the size of Ontario’s debt has finally been achieved. The size of Ontario’s debt has officially doubled, from $139 billion in 2003 when the Government took power to $273 billion in 2013. While former Premier McGuinty tried his best to accomplish the feat last year with the help of then Finance Minister Andrea Horwath, it appears the on going conversations between new Premiers Wynne and Horwath finally got the job done.

“All said, this was a fantastic budget. If this is what we can expect from Ontario’s new Premiers in just three months, I can hardly wait to see what the two of them can accomplish in a full year together.”


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