Hillier Tables Legislation to Promote Youth Employment

(QUEEN’S PARK) MPP Randy Hillier, Ontario PC Labour Critic, introduced three pieces of Legislation today that would help promote youth employment in advance of Thursday’s budget. In a statement delivered in the house, Hillier remarked that simply throwing more money at the problem of youth unemployment won’t create the needed solution.

“Instead of spending more money on funds, grants, investment programs and subsidies, I believe we need to tackle the root causes,” said Hillier. “Economists know why young people have high unemployment rates: our inflexible labour legislation makes it difficult to hire workers - especially young workers.”

The Legislation MPP Hillier tabled today would significantly ease the restrictions that many youth face attempting to enter today’s workforce. Restrictive pro-union policies such as forced unionization and card-based certification prevent youth from otherwise accessing job opportunities they are qualified for.

“Countless studies have shown that laws like mandatory unionism and card-based certification make it difficult for young people to crack into today’s over-regulated labour market,” said Hillier.

“Barriers like the College of Trades, absurdly high journeyman-to-apprenticeship ratios, and closed tendering only compound the difficulty our youngest have in getting into the higher-paying jobs in the skilled trades.”


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