Amherst Island Wind Turbine Survey Results

For the past several weeks, people from across Ontario have had the opportunity to have their say on the proposed wind turbines on Amherst Island. Hundreds of respondents from across Ontario had their say - take a look at the results. 

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  • Mike Wright
    commented 2013-04-16 16:20:38 -0400
    Randy your survey stinks, just like the Conservative Party that you are a member of. Get used to it. You have another three years at least of not being the government if you don’t shoot yourself in the foot first with an unregistered long gun.
  • Ted Clair
    commented 2013-04-15 23:40:31 -0400
    Dear Mr Hillier.

    Thank you for addressing my concern it appears that this way is the best way to get your response as I have asked for your help WITH an issue with the green energy bill and was would get back to me (regarding solar farm project in Stone Mills township and the company using dynamite within 30 meters.of residence and a well) and we are still waiting on your call sir. However that point is moot as the barns have been constructed for nearly a year now.

    I like Mr. Morris did not really understand how you worded your survey so as a person could answer the questions to represent how they felt about the topic it’s like asking what your favourite colour is and giving blue and blue as an answer.

    Thank You again for your response.
  • Randy Hillier
    commented 2013-04-15 23:37:09 -0400
    Chris- I’m sorry that you don’t care to understand or consider what your friends and neighbours find important. But your sour tunes won’t alter my commitment to listening to my constituents and being open with them.
  • Randy Hillier
    commented 2013-04-15 23:10:20 -0400
    Typical of partisans such as Chris & Ted- Blame the messenger for first asking and caring what my constituents views are and secondly for being open and transparent with sharing the results.
  • Ted Clair
    commented 2013-04-15 22:58:58 -0400
    IF the Green Energy Act had been a Mr Harper, Mr Hudak or Mr Harris initiative the PC party wouldn’t have even wasted their time on such a survey – everyone likes Electricity but nobody wants to be responsible for creating it – you Mr. Hillier are by far the worst Minister of Provincial Parliament to have ever represented this riding as you work for your party and not for your constituants.
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    Infographic: You had your say - Amherst Island Wind Turbine Survey results #onpoli
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    Infographic: You had your say - Amherst Island Wind Turbine Survey results #onpoli