You Be The Judge

Below you will find the full, unedited recording of the meeting that took place at Tay Valley Township on June 26th which has resulted in claims of workplace harassment against myself for bringing the concerns of my constituents to the attention of the council. I have released this recording, in addition, to my public comments on the matter as to have all the information regarding this claim to be open and public. Take a listen to the recording below, read my public comments and you be the judge, are these comments paramount to workplace harassment? 

Take a listen to the recording and public remarks below and you be the judge, do these comments constitute workplace harassment? 




October 1 2017  

(PERTH) MPP Randy Hillier is releasing to the public a full, complete, and unedited audio recording of the June 26th Committee of the Whole Meeting, during which it is alleged that he and two others engaged in vexatious comment or conduct that constitutes workplace harassment. All three individuals facing these allegations can be heard with clarity on the recording. 

The recording begins with CAO Larry Donaldson, followed by Gord Ennis representing the Lanark Leeds Home Builders Association, Christian Allen speaking on behalf of the local real estate association. This is followed by Hillier, approximately 11 minutes into the recording. The entire recording is approximately 45 minutes, including a question and answer period between elected council members and the presenters. Although there were several requests by audience members to be added and allowed to speak, they were not permitted to address council by Reeve Keith Kerr. 

“I trust all those who listen to the recording will be astonished as I am that our professional, courteous, and respectful comments could be so deliberately used as a weapon against constructive criticism,” said Hillier. The full recording can be accessed here on Hillier’s website, along with his Member’s Statement on the affair in the Legislature. 

“This secretive kangaroo court that Tay Valley Township has initiated in reprisal to my criticism in an anathema to my values, principles, and to accountability. Interestingly, fear of repercussion from their council is the reason all these residents of Tay Valley came to me for advocacy and assistance; evidence demonstrates those fears were well-founded. This retaliatory action against myself and others is a direct attack on our system of representative government and an attempt to intimidate public participation in municipal politics,” Hillier added. 

I will continue making all evidence and facts in this matter public so that the people may judge and determine where any fault lies,” he concluded.


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  • Lynn Seguin
    commented 2017-10-04 10:50:21 -0400
    I need more information. I don’t understand this business of ‘fear of government retribution’. Why was this mentioned? In relation to what? Otherwise, I’m not sure I ‘hear’ the harassment.
  • Brian Stewart
    commented 2017-10-03 12:39:29 -0400
    We looked at Tay valley and promptly decided Drummond was a much better place to live. This outrageous case cements it. Randy is one of the best MPP’s. He tirelessly advocates for and represents the concerns of his constituents against unhelpful and outright obstructionist bureaucrats at all levels