Web Survey

Access to fast and reliable broadband internet is quickly becoming a modern necessity. Unfortunately, many households and families in rural Ontario still lack affordable and dependable access to this important technology.

In partnership with local internet service providers and all levels of government, including our federal member of parliament Scott Reid, I am conducting this survey so that we can effectively map out the current state of internet access in the riding. As we move forward with advocating for broadband improvements in the riding, the information you provide will be a big help in securing investment and development in our community, and will ensure my work on your behalf is accurate and effective.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. This data is incredibly important for identifying areas of need and securing investment.

- Randy Hillier
MPP, Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston

This survey has 15 questions that should only take you a few minutes.

Please be sure to visit performance.cira.ca in order to answer questions 13 and 14 of our survey.

(1): Who is your internet service provider?