• A Royal Commission of Inquiry into our COVID Response

    Our response to COVID-19 in Ontario has resulted in the highest unemployment rates in generations, the mass closure and loss of small, family-owned businesses, the elimination of people's hard-earned life savings, and is placing an immeasurable strain on the mental health of thousands throughout Ontario. Our response has kept hundreds of...

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  • #SaveAmanda - Health Care is an Essential Service

    I received this letter from Amanda, a mother of two boys. She learned recently that her future with her two boys may be in jeopardy, not because of a pandemic, nor a virus, but because her Cancer surgery has been delayed again! Doug Ford, how can you allow your harmful...

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  • No Vaccine Passports

    WHEREAS the Government of Ontario has suggested that those who do not have proof of vaccination, sometimes called a “vaccine passport” may not be able to access many public services, employment, and have their mobility rights restricted;

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  • No More Lockdowns

    Ontario is on the brink of imposing new lockdowns. Quebec has just embraced and imposed measures never seen before in Canada, refueling the fear of apocalyptic COVID projections. We must now to push back.   The evidence is mounting, the methods used to test for COVID are defective, producing 50% false...

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  • Reopening Schools

    I have created a petition calling on the government to be practical, provide the same per-pupil funding that government provides to the school boards, $12,500 per student, directly to the parents if they choose another means to educate their children. Parents deserve to choose where the funding for their children's...

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