Ontario's Lubricious Throne Speech

Ontario's Lubricious Throne Speech
"A Balanced Plan to Screw Up Ontario for Everyone"

(QUEENS PARK) - Today's Speech from the Throne rings in a new session of parliament, justified by the Wynne Liberals as a necessary 'reset' of their legislative priorities.

One should ask how there can be a reset while at the same time a commitment to reintroducing all the legislation that died on the order table with prorogation? Clearly the Premiers words and her actions are at odds with one another once again. Instead, what was presented was a chest thumping agenda of re-announced priorities delivered with lubricious language.

“The Speech from the Throne today was nothing more than lip service to past commitments and re-announcements of existing projects,” MPP Randy Hillier proclaimed. “The only new announcement was the subsidy on the provincial portion of the HST for residential and small business hydro bills with no explanation of how this will affect the Treasury.”

Today’s speech simply parroted the same stale policies from the previous session. In truth what the Premier is attempting to accomplish is a reset of her political fortunes – not the wellbeing of the people of Ontario.

“Keeping with how they have operated in the past, all of these announcements where delivered in oily and slippery language without detail,” Hillier explained. “They didn’t even attempt to explain where exactly they plan to get the money needed for these policies. How do they plan to provide subsidies and balance the budget while meeting the outrageous spending commitments they regurgitated today?”

“These re-announcements of the same old ideas illustrate that this was far from a reset, it’s business as usual in the Legislature and the Liberals will continue to govern with their own self-interest as their priority,” concluded Hillier.