MPAC Spikes Farm Assesments


21 October 2016 

(PERTH) – MPP Randy Hillier expressed his concern over the significant increases in the property value assessments currently being received by farmers from MPAC. 

“I am being contacted by farmers who have received assessment notices that are almost double previous assessments, and I am hard-pressed to see any justification,” remarked Hillier. “MPAC says these increases are the result of market trends, but I’m not aware of any trends that warrant spikes like we’re seeing.”

“MPAC mailed out farm property assessments on October 11, and you can appeal your assessment,” Hillier added. “But there is a deadline for filing a Request for Reconsideration (RfR), so if you want to appeal, you need to get your RfR application in to MPAC as soon as you can.”

MPAC offers a website,, where property owners can create an account and understand how their property was assessed by MPAC, as well as specific information regarding farm properties and market trends in each community.

“I strongly recommend that people examine their assessment closely when they get it, and file an RfR application if they feel their assessment is incorrect,” Hillier advises. “If you miss the filing deadline, you’ll be stuck with the assessment you received.”




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