Hillier Welcomes Role as New Justice Watchdog

Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox & Addington, expressed his satisfaction and enthusiasm for his appointment today as Critic for the Attorney General of Ontario.

“I look forward to scrutinizing the administration of justice in Ontario by the Wynne Liberal government, and holding the decision-makers to account,” remarked Hillier. “I look forward to continuing to fight for the security of individuals and their property, and the principles that the people of Ontario hold dear and expect in a free and just society. “

Hillier will also sit on the Standing Committee for Justice, and serve as Chair on a newly minted Red Tape Review Panel created by the Leader of Ontario’s Official Opposition Leader, Patrick Brown.

The Wynne government has embarked upon an aggressive ‘activist center’ agenda including proposals to limit access to the courts through AMPs (Administrative Monetary Penalties), reform of court security, institutionalizing ‘carding’ or ‘street checks’, along with limits on the use of the civil courts, just to name a few. “I will be a vigilant and determined watchdog as Critic of the Attorney General, to safeguard the public interest in the development of potential policies that may limit our freedoms and access to justice,” stated Hillier.

A long-time advocate for, and proponent of, individual rights and responsibility, Hillier is not a newcomer to matters of justice. He was one of the only Members of the Legislative Assembly who was openly and publicly critical of both levels of government for their actions during the G20 conference in Toronto, and has a record that precedes his political career for standing up against injustice, especially when it is created by government policies and regulations.

“The purpose of the law and our institutions must be a focus on the prevention of injustice, yet increasingly we are imposed upon by new laws that are restrictive or harmful for many in order to benefit a favoured few,” said Hillier. “Government’s role is to secure our personal freedoms, not restrict them.”

Hillier recently served dual roles as Critic for Labour and Research & Innovation, and also had served as Critic for Northern Development, Mines and Forestry, and Rural Affairs. During his terms he has also served on the Standing Committees for Estimates, Regulations and Private Bills, Legislative Assembly, Government Agencies, as well as the Select Committee on Sexual Violence and Harassment, and the all-party Parliamentary Liaison Committee during the last minority parliament.

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  • Kathy Wilson
    commented 2015-09-14 16:49:24 -0400
    Congrat’s Randy…we need someone like you doing this type of work. Good Luck you are really going to need it against this Lie-beral regime that’s a given!
    Can we also push for the likes of a Charbonneau Comm Inquiry in Ontari-OWE on the corruption going down here in our Province? Please!!!!