Hillier Responds to Speech from the Throne

(QUEEN’S PARK) Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox & Addington, responded to the Government’s Speech from the Throne, with both his concerns of their agenda, as well as his commitment to the constituents of his riding.

“The Government’s Throne Speech was disingenuous and bewildering,” said Hillier. said Hillier. “The Premier has clearly misunderstood the mandate she received in the election, and it is my responsibility to hold her to account, to remind her of the responsibility she has to acknowledge the will of the electorate.”

Hillier referred to comments made in the Throne Speech such as “voters have entrusted your government to be a full and active member in their communities and their lives” and Government’s comment that "your government will continue to manage spending wisely.”

“I did hear that people wanted to be full and active participants in our democracy; that they need greater influence in the decisions of government, however I heard no such clarion call for more government intervention into people’s lives,” said Hillier. “You might have better said “Your government will begin to manage spending wisely”; that would be more reflective of the experiences of the Ontario taxpayer.”

Hillier outlined numerous reforms and legislation he will introduce in the new Legislative session that will hold Premier Wynne to account, such as mechanisms like recall and referenda to put more power back into the hands of consituents. As well as reforms to electoral financing laws and government transparency so constituents know who is paying for influence in Ontario and more clarity of how their tax dollars are being spent.

Text of the full speech can be found in Hansard: http://bit.ly/U5vhCG