Hillier Mindful of Brain Injury Commitments

MPP Randy Hillier expressed his pleasure with the recent announcement by the Ministry of Health and the South East LHIN that increased funding is being made available for the Acquired Brain Injury Assisted Living Program in Napanee.

“It’s been a long, slow road to hoe, but I am glad to see our efforts, and the years of efforts put in by people like the Findlay family and others, are finally reaping benefits,” remarked Hillier.

The base funding for the ABI Program, which will eventually include two live-in care sites with a dozen beds in Napanee, was announced Monday. Up to $173,000 is coming for the remainder of this funding year, and this will be annualized to $1.22 million for the 2015/16 funding year.

Acquired Brain Injury patients were repatriated by the government to eastern Ontario years ago, but no consistent and sustained services network was ever formally established.

“I am glad to see there is finally an effort being made to fulfill our commitments to these people and their families. This is long overdue.” concluded Hillier.