Hillier Introduces His Referendum Legislation

On September 30th I introduced my Private Members Bill, The Referendum Act, which will allow citizens to trigger a Referendum on public policies via petition.

Referendums are a great compliment to our democracy, however they are called at the behest of the government. This is an issue when majority governments are relentlessly pushing their agenda through the Legislature, such as the fire sale of Hydro One. This bill would give citizens the ability to trigger referendums that the government would then be forced to act on, which would empower our citizens and further strengthen our democracy

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  • Margaret Lawson
    commented 2015-10-27 11:23:11 -0400
    As a senior I am just so totally disgusted with Wynne and her gov’t. Lies, cheating, corruption! Amazing how she can get away with it. Buying votes too? Somehow she has got to go! Patrick Brown is doing a fine job and so are you Randy. You can definitely count on two votes next election from us. My hubby and I just cannot understand how this gov’t runs. IF this had of been Harper they would definitely have torn him to shreds! Do your best to get rid of this horrific Ontario Liberal gov’t!