Hillier Gets Ombudsman Investigation

After sending a letter to the Ombudsman regarding numerous complaints about the wait times seniors where enduring at the hands of Service Ontario while attempting to book drivers test, the Ombudsman has assigned staff to examine the concerns raised and to conduct a preliminary review of the matter and is currently gathering information.

You can read MPP Hillier's letter here. MPP Hillier had countless constituents express their frustrations when attempting to book their drivers test through Service Ontario on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation. Once an individual turns 80 they must take a drivers reevaluation test, and again every 2 years afterwards, however the only way to book one of these test is through Service Ontario's phone lines. Online booking and even in person bookings at their local Drive Test Centers are not available for the seniors reevaluation tests. Individuals who have complaints are welcome to contact the Ombudsman’s office at:

May El-Abdallah
Early Resolution Officer
Direct Line : (416) 586-3457
Fax : (416) 586-3485
[email protected]