Hillier Calls for Renewal of Carleton Place Hospital Board

26 November 2015

(PERTH) – Local MPP Randy Hillier expressed his significant disappointment after the Wednesday night meeting of the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital’s Board of Trustees meeting.

“I have heard allegations from the CEO of conflicts of interest on the Board, but have seen no evidence that any action has been taken to investigate these claims; instead we have a proposal to exclude municipal representation of the Board size being served up as remedy to these serious but unsubstantiated allegations,” said Hillier. “This gives me significant cause for concern, and has shaken my confidence in the Board’s ability to manage their responsibilities.”
Furthering the loss of confidence was a recent revealed Freedom of Information discovery that the Board had been advised by the Ministry of Health through the hospital CEO that their redevelopment proposal was a no-go as long ago as 2012, and again in 2013. “I was not made aware of this correspondence as I continued to advocate for the redevelopment; had I been aware, I would have recommended a change of focus to a revitalization project to the Board earlier than I did,” said Hillier. “I was purposely misled, the public was misled, and it appears that many Board Members may also have been misled by the misrepresentation of Ministry correspondence.”
Currently CPDMH has two proposals before the Ministry; one for the revitalization of the emergency room, the second for a brand new hospital. “This double vision sends a confusing message of disorganization and lack of focus; the Ministry is not going to approve revitalizing the emergency room of a hospital that is also insisting it needs an entirely new build,” added Hillier. “These conflicting and contradicting visions elevate the likelihood that neither proposal will ever get approval nor see the light of day.”
“I unfortunately find it necessary to ask the Minister to appoint a supervisor and new CEO to oversee the business of the hospital until such time that the Board has been re-established as a viable body of governance. While CPDMH is renowned for the highest quality of patient care by their physicians, nurses, technicians and staff, the executive of the hospital board operates in stark contrast.
“Until a provincial supervisor is appointed, or a newly minted Board and CEO are in place, I cannot advocate or support any competing or conflicting redevelopment or revitalization proposals,” Hillier concluded.


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  • Jeff White
    commented 2015-11-29 07:37:50 -0500
    Why is this man not our prime minister?