Hillier Backs World Class PTSD Treatment

MPP Randy Hillier joined Dr. Manuela Joannou at a meeting she held to gain support for bringing the world renowned SPARTA program to Canada in order to help our first responders and returning soldiers with their PTSD.

You can read more about SPARTA in the Ottawa Sun here and Inside Ottawa Valley here

You can also listen to MPP Hillier and Dr. Joannou talk in depth about the program on Lake 88 here

It's about addressing Moral Injury; that is one of the goals of the SPARTA program, which has earned it a lot of praise in the past among those who have been lucky enough to par-take in it, as it has only been available in the United States. 

That is something Dr. Manuela Joannou and MPP Hillier are looking to change. Currently there is no specific program in Ontario which is aimed at addressing the issues that arises and are part of PTSD for returning military personnel and first responders. Only general therapy is offered which often doesn't address the complicated issues arising from PTSD. This is why Dr. Joannou and MPP Hillier are making the push to bring the SPARTA program to Ontario to help those suffering from PTSD.

The SPARTA program is designed specifically in mind to help those who suffer from PTSD as a result of their combat experience or role as a first responder. They are treated with a group of peers who have lived through similar experiences who help them through the program which has shown very promising results and has received very positive feedback from those who have already gone through the program.