McGuinty Forges More Chains for Ontario Workers

The Ontario Liberal government recently created another arm’s length agency with legislated powers called the Ontario College of Trades. This agency is unelected and unaccountable not only to both the public and politicians, but also to all employees who must belong and pay fees to it.

I have a great many concerns that this new agency will create undue obstacles, penalties and fees and result in fewer people being able to work in Ontario. Although it is named the College of Trades, it has jurisdiction over employees such as truck drivers, events coordinators, customer service agents, hardware & lumber salespeople, child care workers and dairy herdsmen to name a few. In total 157 occupations are governed by this new agency. It would be far more appropriately titled the College of Occupations. Coming in to conflict with the College of Trades could result in fines of up to $10,000.

List of Prescribed Trades

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