Bill 41 Survey

With Bill 41, the convenience of the bureaucracy and administration of health care gets priority over actual front line service.

Rather than addressing the need for more doctors and front line care, Ontario is going to hire more bureaucrats to manage services and direct patient care in a manner most convenient to the government's administration, regardless of patient wishes and needs. This government's unwillingness to have open and frank discussions with health sector workers, nurses, and physicians on what is and isn’t working is problematic, and has resulted in a bill that is nothing more than an ineffectual game of whack-a-mole.

Please take a moment to complete my survey on Bill 41 which will be delivered to our Premier and Minister of Health (here).

For more information on Bill 41 you can view a recording of my debate in the House on the bills bureaucratic meddling in our health care system (here).



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  • Gail Dowling
    commented 2016-11-22 11:43:54 -0500
    There are already too many high paid administration. What is needed are people to help out in home. More long term care homes and better management of CCA.
    I know from experiences with my mom. The stress of that situation is very hard on the family and that leads to more illness.