An Update on Autism With Local Parents

Since being first elected almost 12 years ago I've had the privilege and responsibility to meet with, and advocate for, the many families in my riding whose children face developmental challenges.

A product of this responsibility was a letter and document I drafted in 2008 titled "Being Mindful of Intellectual Disabilities", which I subsequently hand delivered to the Minister of Community and Social Services. Many of the problems I identified in that document still exist today. You can read the archived copy here: Letter - Being Mindful of Intellectual Disabilities

As part of my ongoing commitments, and in more recent news, I want to say a big thank you to Amanda, Dennis, and Mona, all parents of children with autism, 
for meeting with me last Friday to help me stay updated on this ever evolving topic, and the issues effecting them. 

I have always stood firm in my belief that being a strong advocate and representative means staying continuously informed of not just the benefits, but also the drawbacks of proposed and existing public policy. 

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