Press Release: Confidence in Truckers, not in Trudeau

30 January 2022

(OTTAWA) – Randy Hillier, Member of Provincial Parliament for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, is calling upon federal Members of Parliament to compel a motion and vote of non-confidence upon the current federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Canadians have come out in massive numbers, from every walk of life, from all the diversity of our great nation, saying ‘this ends now’,” said Hillier. “It’s time their governments listen to them.”

Despite active efforts by the media and the PMO to convince the public through misinformation that this was a small fringe convoy of misinformed, uneducated people with “unacceptable opinions”, none has acknowledged that this has been the largest, most diverse and patriotic group to be at the Hill since the last time it was open for Canada Day.

“There are Canadians here from every walk of life, and every faith, colour and creed,” said Hillier. “These are families who built a country that could welcome people fleeing for freedom, and we’re letting them down; and people from families who have lived through oppression, and came here for a better life, and we’re letting them down.”

“Canadians have lost confidence in their government, and the 338 MPs who represent us in the House of Commons have a duty to hear their constituents’ real grievances, not just what they’re being fed from the press and the PMO.”


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