Press Release: Trudeau engaged in an “Act of Terrorism”

25 January 2022

(PERTH) “For our Prime Minister to restrict access to food and basic necessities in the middle of winter, in Canada, is nothing short of an act of domestic terrorism,” Mr. Hillier explained. “Our Premiers across this country, including Doug Ford, are complicit in holding Canadians hostage with restrictions that do nothing but keep food off our store shelves,” Mr. Hillier continued. “Hard working and patriotic truckers, who are being kept from crossing the border, are headed to Ottawa in protest; I salute them and I intend to join them. It’s my hope that they stay in Ottawa, on Parliament Hill, until our Prime Minister and premiers end all terrorist decrees of vaccine mandates and all other mandates end,” said Mr. Hillier.

Across Canada, truckers are building a convoy headed to Parliament Hill to make a statement against our Prime Minister’s choice to mandate vaccines for workers within our supply chain. As we have seen for nearly a month, store shelves are beginning to empty because there simply is not enough supply or truckers delivering our goods both here at home and across our border.

Hillier calls upon our law enforcement agencies to immediately open a criminal investigation of the Prime Minister's actions to starve Canadians. This Prime Minister needs to answer for his hateful vitriol towards the “unvaccinated” and defining those who challenges his edicts as terrorists. It is he, in fact, who is inciting fear and terror into the hearts of the citizenry.

On Saturday, January 29th, Mr. Hillier will be joining other freedom loving Canadians in support of the truckers and others being discriminated against and harmed by our Prime Minister and Premiers, in support of their calls for the end of all COVID mandates.

“All Canadians should be joining our great truckers on Parliament Hill to stand against our Prime Minister’s acts of domestic terrorism, and call on our Premier to cease aiding and abetting his decrees,” concluded Mr. Hillier.

Hear Mr. Hillier call out both the Prime Minister and Premier in this clip from a Waterloo rally:

Even Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney is seeing the crisis:

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