The Science is Out on the Jab

The same day our Prime Minister indicates that vaccinations for all federal employees and staff may be mandated, the science comes out providing a grave warning about the jab.

Dr. Michael Yeadon among many other credited scientists are sharing studies exposing that severe medical injuries are likely with the experimental treatment known as the COVID vaccine. Blood clots, heart problems, damage to the ovaries are just a few of the dangers being exposed.

I’ve hosted two documents citing multiple credited studies explaining these dangers and I encourage you to read them both, you can find them below.

What is worse, these dangers only amplify with multiple doses, and with the Federal Government ordering boosters, we can only expect more harm and more death.

With the federal implementation and acceptance of a vaccine passport and many other provinces and countries enforcing the same, we are being coerced to choose between our livelihoods and our lives.

A federal election will be called imminently; let’s turn the tables and choose political representatives that will promote both life and livelihood.

Share this with everyone you know. Get the science out and encourage everyone to reconsider what they put in their body.

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