4 years for a DriveTest in rural Ontario with no relief line in sight

5 August 2021

(PERTH) – MPP Randy Hillier has shared shocking four year long DriveTest wait times to get a Class G2 road test with the Minister of Transportation. In response, only the GTHA will be getting relief.

Following the recent announcement that temporary DriveTest centres would be opened, MPP Randy Hillier penned a letter to Minister Multroney reminding her Ontario is more than the GTHA. “Rural Ontario does not have the luxury of public transportation, seldom even drive shares,” said Hillier. “I wrote to the Minister reminding her that to drive in rural Ontario isn’t just a privilege, it is a necessity.”

Mr. Hillier has received examples from constituents of nearly four year long waits to even schedule a Class G2 road test and included them in his letter to the Minister.

“This issue is not just affecting my riding and constituents, but rather all of our rural ridings across the province,” added Hillier. “If we do not solve this now we will only be achieving two things, drive our young people to move to larger, better served cities, or damage their income potential by staying at home.”

Mr. Hillier concluded with further context of how important driving is in rural Ontario following COVID-19, not only for the benefit of young drivers, but also their families, and loved ones in LTC. “This issue must be addressed now before the young people in rural Ontario are forced to leave for good.”

You can read Mr. Hillier’s letter to Minister Mulroney in its entirety here.


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