Emergency powers are not gone just yet...

Recently I have seen incomplete and misleading information circulating about O.Reg 264/21, also known as the “Declaration of Emergency”, which was revoked on June 9th.

I know for many people the legislative process can be both complicated and confusing- I have even seen that confusion among politicians. I hope to provide some clarification.

Remember to share this far and wide, as we need to push back against the misinformation and falsehoods being shared about O.Reg 264/21, emergency measures, and vaccines.

On June 9th, O.Reg 264/21 a regulation that authorized the use of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA), was revoked by the government, not by a court order, as some are claiming.

You may recall on May 31 the government voted to extend the Reopening Ontario Act (ROA) to December 2021, this is a completely separate law, which conveys the same arbitrary and unilateral emergency authority to the Premier. So while the "State of Emergency" has been lifted, almost all the rules that restrict us remain in force, just under a different Act (the ROA).

The next question often becomes: "Since the EMCPA is no longer in force, doesn't that make the "Emergency Use Authorization" vaccine illegal?", and the answer to that is no, that's not how it works.

"Emergency Use Authorization'' (EUA) is a decision of the Federal government under Health Canada, and it does not require a declared state of emergency- they are two totally different things. EUAs are a tool used to authorize emergency use of a procedure or medication. We must not conflate a declared "State of Emergency" with "Emergency Use Authorization", they are not related at all.

I hope this provides the necessary clarification so we can get back to the busy work of ending lockdowns and re-affirming our Charter protected rights.