Letter to the Premier and Minister of Health on the Vaccinating of Children during COVID-19

I am calling on the Premier and Minister of Health to halt experimenting on our children.

After hearing countless personal and now further evidence from our hospitals contained in this column by Anthony Furey in the Sun, I shared my concerns about the adverse effects and risks of the experimental COVID-19 vaccination on children with the Premier, Minister of Health, Prime Minister, and our provincial and federal Chief Medical Officers of Health.

Read my letter describing some of the risks and the outrageous strategies our governments have used to coerce our children into their experiments.

If you agree, be sure to share, like, and tag your friends, family, and neighbours. Make them aware of the real concerns of this experiment being perpetrated on our children. Contact your local MP and MPP letting them know this has to stop.

Be sure to join NoMoreLockdowns.ca as we mount a resistance.

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  • Michael Snape
    published this page in Letters 2021-06-24 12:16:53 -0400