It is clear, our representatives want More Lockdowns & More Political Theatre

Another harrowing day in the Ontario Legislature as we continue the lockdowns that have taken the lives of so many through suicides, overdoses, delayed medical procedures, and the destruction of our economy. The PC’s, the NDP, and the Liberals have put their political and party ambitions ahead of public interest and ahead of the best interests of our children and grandchildren.

Today I voted against the motion extending the powers under the Reopening Ontario Act, and while it has been extended, I am not giving up the fight...

Let’s make it clear to the Premier and all our politicians that we have had enough. We must join together in defiance. I am asking you to reach out to your neighbours, friends, and family; encourage them to join No More Lockdowns Canada and contribute in our collective fight to end lockdowns. Only together, in our local communities can we truly resist this shredding of our Constitutional rights.

Share this post, contact your local representatives, get a lawn sign, and assemble with your community. Only together as friends and neighbours united will we end lockdowns for good.

You can find your MPP here: