Closed? Here is how you can fight back!

Small businesses are being forgotten, it is clear our Government doesn't think you matter. Let's show them otherwise.

Local business owner Amanda Proulx has had enough. The owner of Dragon Moon, a specialty store in Perth, has voiced her anger and frustration to Mayor Fenik and Perth Town Council.

If you are a business owner that Premier Ford has deemed unessential, you have suffered much, much, more than the bureaucrats and politicians who shut your business down. Your municipal council sat idle while the province came after you, because they require provincial transfers to meet their payrolls and pay their bills. They cared little for your concerns.

Shutting you down, while big box stores continue to operate, sends the message that you’re not wanted. They don’t need you. You are part of the problem, and won’t be part of the solution.

I encourage you to do the same with your local council. Read Amanda’s letter, and send your own, similar letter with your views to your municipal council. Demand refunds of your commercial property taxes, and the removal of all other municipal charges and fees you’re being forced to pay, while government orders prevent you from earning a living to pay those bills.

Business owners need to speak out… the worse they could do is shut you down.

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  • Michael Snape
    published this page in Commentary 2021-05-19 10:00:01 -0400