A week in COVID: Facts vs Fears

Shall we follow the fears and the “experts”, or the facts and the science?

The last week has revealed a slew of information that challenges the government’s fear campaign since the start of COVID-19 hysteria. Here are a few of the powerful stories that shatter the narrative and show there is nothing keeping us from returning to normal.


In Manitoba, their Chief Microbiologist and Laboratory Specialist revealed the over 50% false positive rate of the PCR test. The same test used to justify lockdowns, and a fact that many European countries already know. If it can’t be trusted, it cannot drive public health policy.


The CDC has admitted there have been no cases of COVID-19 transmission outdoors. Despite the fear mongering to keep our masks on while walking, jogging, and biking has scared so many to even wear a mask alone in their car, we can now rest assured it is time to take it off for good.


Already, many in Canada have passed because of the untested COVID-19 vaccine, one culprit being the AstraZeneca vaccine. Europe was sounding the alarm bells for months, as Canada stockpiled and administered this vaccine for months. Not only have we thrown money away, but we have lost our loved ones. Where are the apologies to the families from Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau? Instead they continue to sweep it under the rug.


Additionally the Salk institute has exposed the dangers of all COVID-19 vaccines by showing the danger of the virus'Wh spike protein. The mRNA vaccine teaches your body to reproduce these spike proteins, leading to damages in other cells. This chilling reality should keep any government from pushing this experimental treatment on any of its citizens.


In one of the most vaccinated nations in the world, we are seeing the experimental treatment fail. COVID-19 has spiked in Seychelles, yet we are told the only way lockdowns will be lifted is if we vaccinate over 70% of Canadians. If it doesn’t work there, it won’t work here.


Finally and most importantly, a great study has been released exposing the dangers, damages, and futility of lockdowns on a population. Over the last year we have done more harm than good in the fight against COVID-19 and there is much we will never get back. It is clear we must stop this practice of lockdowns, reopen our economy, and try and recover what is left.

Share this page with your friends and family, help them learn the facts vs the fears. Together we can protect our loved ones, save our economy, and end lockdowns for good!