CLOSED: Church of God in Aylmer Needs Your Support!

On Friday, Pastor Hildebrandt’s Church of God in Aylmer was seized by the government and locked down, with hefty fines being issued. Following a Court order closing the Church of God earlier in the day and allegedly for reasons of ‘public safety’, armed agents of the government wearing bullet proof vests descended upon the peaceful congregation gathered at the Church, a significant portion of whom were women and children.

This is, of course, for their own good. We all know you can safely gather and rally to oppose policies in Columbia, to support the Palestinian cause, or to support Black Lives Matter. But you’ll be charged and shut down if you gather to protest domestic policies in Ontario, or simply to pray.

This Sunday, May 16th at 10:30, Pastor Hildebrandt will be hosting a service at 10:30am on the lawn of his Church. I encourage anyone of like-mind to join their peaceful resistance by sharing in worship with them on Sunday.

You can find their location at the bottom of the page here:

We must support each other if we are going to correct these injustices; if you oppose these lockdowns, you must add your voice with others in peaceful defiance of their unjust orders.

Only together, will we end the lockdowns.

Randy Hillier, MPP