Op-ed: COVID-Why would we do this?

COVID-Why would we do this?

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”
–The first line of Canada’s Constitution

Canada, like all western liberal democracies, is founded on the knowledge that our freedoms are bestowed to us from a higher authority that transcends our mortal world and the imperfect institutions we create. Often, these imperfect institutions have worked to alter this understanding, and today instills a level of fear that a virus is the greatest and gravest threat to our existence. 

Scientific consensus has often been utilized to create prophecies of doom and the methods to alter humanity, such as eugenics and global warming.

COVID is the latest apocalyptic calamity that has been amplified using the guise of science. Experts using computer models have taken something that is real and created a “super virus” despite facts and evidence proving it is similar to respiratory viruses we experience every year.

As a result, many are confused and bewildered, not knowing who or what to believe regarding COVID. Many wonder why our governments, media, and corporate giants promote this danger in exaggerated terms, and why would they lie and deceive? To answer why, both history and human nature can help us.

The history of humanity sheds light on our present crisis and illuminates what lays ahead, depending which path we take.

Every society ever created has, at some point in its history, been confronted with a stark choice; a fight for freedom and liberty, or an exodus of its people from home towards a possibly freer land. What is left behind whether by distance or ashes is the facade of safety in exchange for enslavement.

Indeed the very term “exodus” defines this perpetual crisis of humanity, as with the Israelites fleeing the Pharaoh’s tyranny. Today it continues as people around the world flee their homes seeking refuge and freedom elsewhere. Canada and the western world have often been this refuge for those fleeing oppressive regimes.

Human nature contains both good and evil, and when given the opportunity, the good naturally seeks the path of individual freedom and personal responsibility. Evil, however, often disguises its motives with a veneer of virtue to entice people to willingly cede and displace their faith, freedom and responsibility with perceived safety and security. If we accept the latter, you can rest comfortably knowing it was the last meaningful choice you’ll ever have to make.

Now, it is the western world’s turn to face this unwelcomed choice, however we find many Canadians who desire that our freedoms be diminished and that the State is responsible for our well being and safety, and unwittingly are paving a future path for the exodus of our children, if there even remains a freer land to seek.

In less than 40 years, many Canadians have forgotten why we are free as written in our Constitution, and have transferred their faith to politicians, law enforcement, academic experts, bureaucracies, and corporate giants. Many Canadians place great confidence in these creations, while they, in an abusive manner, instill fear, coerce obedience, ration our healthcare, and demand we see them as our providers and saviours. In turn we have forgotten the value of our friends, families, fellow man, and ourselves.

COVID is not the biggest threat we face, but rather those who would exploit this crisis as a means to advance their own wealth, control, and dominion over others; and use this crisis as the means to justify and achieve their ‘Great Reset.’ Human nature is at work, and it is not a conspiracy to understand how both the good and evil of human nature works.

I retain my faith in God and my confidence in my fellow man to guide us out of this, not those who seek to exploit for their own advantage. It is only through our vigilance and faith that we can defend our freedoms bestowed by a greater power than man, can we ever expect to keep them. However, If you believe that your rights are a creation of government, then you have none, only a very temporary privilege that is easily removed.

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