(Video) The Deadliness of COVID Isolation

In this next installation with Dr. Amani, we discuss the impacts that isolation has on the elderly, the infirm, and our most vulnerable. Dr. Amani’s personal story of her own family, when added to her professional observations, is a reflection of stories coming into my office from across the province, across Canada, and the world. In Canada, we use solitary confinement in our correctional system only for the worst offenders…but apparently that has been expanded to our loved ones in LTC.

Yes, we must protect them, but they have the right to feel loved in their final days.

If you believe our LTC residents shouldn’t be treated like our worst offenders, contact the Premier, your MP, MPP, your local representatives, and health unit. Let’s remind them that our loved ones have Charter Rights to make choices for themselves, even during COVID.