(Video) Randy Hillier's Social Gathering Intro Speech

I tested the law and the Premier’s resolve yesterday, to see whether or not he would stand behind his unconstitutional COVID laws that restrict our freedom of assembly. He proved to me and everyone who attended my “unmonitored social gathering” that his COVID laws are unenforceable and nothing more than a scare tactic. His government knows that their COVID laws are unjust, and when challenged, they cowered. Let that be a message to every free person in Ontario, that you must not fear the undemocratic decrees of this government and it’s COVID Command Table.

After our successful social gathering, the Premier went so far as to claim there was violence. Well I was there, it was energetic, it was large, and most importantly it was peaceful. Whomever claims that these supporters of freedom were violent is a liar, be that the Premier, or the mainstream media. Here is my introduction speech, more videos to come. You tell me if we were violent.

I encourage everyone to continue challenging these unlawful COVID rules. We must do all we can to test the laws and stand up for our rights. Thank you to everyone who came out.