(Video) Question: We Won't Back Down

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21st, 10 AM @ Queen’s Park, north of the Legislature, I will be challenging the unjust COVID law, restricting our ability to socially gather in groups larger than 25 people. I will NOT be protesting, but gathering with friends of freedom, leave your signs at home.

Watch my video and see how once again, the premier left before answering, and his substitute attempted to distort my words.
We will see if my assumptions are correct; Is the Ford government using the law to scare people into obedience, when in fact he is the one scared of a court challenge.

If you have time, remind Toronto By-Law, Toronto Police, the Premier, your local representative, and local health units that I will be socially gathering over the 25 person limit and they should come down and charge me. This law deserves its day in court.

Will the Premier defend his authoritarian laws or our Constitution?