Health officials raise disinformation concerns

Who’s guilty of misinformation, me, the health unit, or the mainstream media?

Read the letter on my website that was referred to in this story and judge for yourself- the word “disinformation” doesn’t even appear in the letter. Furthermore, I offered my board room to meet with KFL&A executives and discuss theirs and my concerns…it’s a large board room, allowing for social distancing and of course, they’d be welcome to wear masks.

The health unit was unwilling to meet with me, despite my being the elected representative of the people they serve.

The day prior CTV affiliate CFRA attempted to ambush me on radio and in which @mrleslieroberts duplicity and dishonesty was exposed, this false and misleading news story regarding a 2 month old letter surfaced-coincidental?

Letter from KFL&A Public Health:

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  • Randy Hillier
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