(Video) News: CFRA Ottawa with Leslie Roberts

Another example of dishonesty in our media, refusing to accept or consider dissenting facts or perspectives. I was invited to discuss on CFRA Ottawa, a letter from an Ottawa Police officer expressing his disappointment and concerns over our overreaching COVID policies. It is clear Leslie Roberts had no intention of discussing this powerful letter but instead attacked my character and refused to even consider the information I provided. One of their reporters even followed up with a dishonest attack on Twitter claiming I refused to answer questions. In fact, I did, they just found my answers disagreeable.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts, share this video, tag your friends, and follow my page. And if you do have the time, be sure to contact CFRA Ottawa and Leslie Roberts, let them know what you think about their dishonesty.

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  • Michael Snape
    published this page in News & Radio 2020-10-14 19:03:10 -0400