COVID Contradictions for Thanksgiving

While there are those who have cause to celebrate and give thanks today, our government has caused many to have little reason to celebrate, with the closure of thousands of businesses. As a Ford Cabinet Minister announces that COVID ‘is much like a bad flu season’, Public Health Ontario elicits panic, screaming “the alarm bells are ringing” and we must lockdown. How can both these statements be true? Watch my video and learn of many COVID contradictions that expose either incompetence or malfeasance.

Who is in charge of our democracy? Is it our elected government, or the unelected health bureaucrats?

What is becoming increasingly clear to all those who are thinking critically, is that lockdowns have become the religion and ideology of health bureaucrats, while science, evidence, and common sense has been masked and suffocated.

All this at the cost of the freedom, justice, and democracy we all hold so dear?

It is time we stand up and speak out. Sign my two petitions to stop a second lockdown and against mandatory masking. Contact your local representatives & let them know what you think of more lockdowns. Together we will return to normal.

Let’s all work together so that we can all celebrate and give thanks, and end these lockdowns.

No Lockdowns:

No Mandatory Masking: