Concerns at Long Term Care Homes

I have heard from many families and individuals concerned about their loved ones living in Country Haven, and other Long Term Care (LTC) homes. COVID-19 has had a heavy toll on our elderly population, who are at an elevated risk.

I have strongly encouraged the Minister of LTC to consider the following changes to alleviate the outbreaks in our LTC Homes:

To allow residents to temporarily relocate, where safe and practical, with their families while protecting their placement in the LTC home. In addition, I have suggested that we permit and fund these homes to directly hire additional healthcare workers and PSWs, and reduce the reliance upon workers travelling between multiple homes to provide care.  

Although there are no perfect solutions, especially in these uncertain times, this decision should have a multitude of positive effects on the safety in our LTC homes; notably, reduced crowding will limit exposure and alleviate the acute stress many LTC employees are facing, and reduce the overall risk of further spreading the virus.

I will continue to have these discussions with other LTC homes and the Minister while we address the growing need of the most at risk members in our communities.

You can read my letter to my constituents below.

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  • Randy Hillier
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