Hillier’s Motion to Improve Indigenous Consultations Adopted by Ontario Legislature

6 March 2020

(QUEEN’S PARK)- Yesterday, MPP Randy Hillier’s (Independent, Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston) Motion to create a permanent Standing Committee on Indigenous Relations was debated and passed with the full support of the House. This marks the first ever Standing Committee on Indigenous Relations in any Provincial legislature.

“Without a doubt, the single greatest question facing our country is our relationship with our Indigenous peoples. It is a question that has far reaching ramifications, not just for Indigenous peoples but for each and every Canadian regardless of race, creed, or colour; regardless of one's economic or social standing; and regardless if you are on the left, or the right, of the political spectrum, or somewhere in between,” Hillier said in a prepared speech to the Legislature.

The government is now expected to introduce legislation to amend the Standing Orders and create a Standing Committee on Indigenous Relations

The intention for this Committee is to have all-party representation, including independents, and that any matters relating to Indigenous treaties, land claims, provincial services on reserves, resource development on Indigenous lands, and other matters that have a direct impact on Ontario’s Indigenous peoples be referred to the Committee for consultation, review, and report back to the Legislature with recommendations. 

“The purpose of this Committee is to create a legislative framework for consultations and dialogue to happen,” said Hillier after the vote. “It has passed with the full support of the House, and now it is up to the government to take the lead.”

You can view the complete motion here, and view the motion in the House here.



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