Will Government And Teachers Ever Stop Fighting?

28 February 2020

(Queen’s Park) - Randy Hillier (Independent MPP for Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston) has tabled a motion in the Ontario Legislature to create a Select Committee on Education.

“It is clear to me that the Conservative Government and the teachers’ unions prefer to battle rather than bargain,” Hillier expressed. “What is keeping students out of the classrooms are not the legitimate concerns of either the teachers’ unions or the Government, rather it is their animus towards one another. Even if either side achieves their bargaining objectives, the problems in public education will remain.”

Despite Mr. Hillier’s countless letters to the Minister of Education to open a productive dialogue with the Legislature and start a Select Committee on Education, his appeals have gone without response from all sides.

Some of the issues to be addressed by this committee would be, but not limited to:

  1. Improving the collective bargaining process and examining issues with province-wide collective bargaining;
  2. Examining the provinces ability and options to accommodate and improve outcomes for students with specialized needs and learning disabilities;
  3. Examining the increasing role and influence of teachers’ unions have on public education;
  4. Examining the increasing mental health challenges young people face;
  5. Examining options to address the increasing violence in classrooms; and
  6. Examining the implementation and effectiveness of e-learning.

“It’s not too late for a Select Committee on Education,” insists Hillier. “We must approach these problems in a less partisan, less adversarial manner. These strikes have gone on far too long; this committee working, with public consultation, is the only honest way to get kids back in the classrooms with the support they need. I will continue to press all sides to act with maturity, goodwill, and good faith, to improve our public education in Ontario.”

You can find Hillier’s letters to the Education Minister here:



As well as a copy of the motion here.



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