Ending the Indian Act & Blockades, using Facts and Plain Language, Pt 2

Radical Protestors Calling for a Shutdown to CanidI am pleased to see some of the railway blockades ending, however we all know that until there is fundamental change, blockades, protests, and irreparable harm to our economy will continue.

Although there are those who disagree with my positions on the railway blockades and the attempts made to “Shut Canada Down”, the vast majority of my constituents who have called or emailed me, support my position.

Many of those who find my statements disagreeable have resorted to using worn out cliches, vulgar and pejorative terms to express themselves, in an attempt to suppress dissenting opinion.

Long ago, I realized it is pointless to have discussions with people who do not understand the difference between facts and opinions, or who believe their own opinions have greater credibility and merit than contrary opinions held by others.

The following are a list of facts that a great many of the sympathetic protestors refuse to recognize and lead them to a very different conclusion than the majority of Canadians.

First off, I am no “oppressor”, colonial, or otherwise. Anyone who self-identifies as an oppressor must therefore, and by default, believe that they are malevolent.

I am not a settler, nor is there anyone alive who “settled” this country.

I have never colonized anyone or anywhere. To be a colonizer is to act on behalf of a foreign power or state to subjugate another country.

There is only one form of legitimate government; that which calls for free, fair, and open elections. Hereditary or aristocratic governance are the historical hallmarks of despots and tyrants.

All Native Canadians must be entitled to enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities as all Canadians.

Although we ought to compensate for past sins and injustices whenever practical, the past cannot be altered, nor should “sins of the father be passed to the son.” 

Words have meanings and definitions, and are used to form our laws; they cannot be subject to endless interpretations, and be redefined to suit an emotional position, or they and the law cease to have any meaning at all.

It is criminal when freedom of expression, assembly and dissent creates financial harm to others, destroys property, or obstructs innocent people from their livelihoods.

These facts are self evident and as a society we must start all conversations and attempts to seek justice and fair outcomes on the foundation of facts, to do otherwise leads us to false conclusions, unintended consequences and unjust outcomes.

Capitalism is not a system of government, it is an economic system that, at its foundation, recognizes that an individual is best suited and has both the freedom and responsibility to make their own economic choices. 

Socialism is an economic model that, at its foundation, denies the individual the freedom to make choices and be responsible; it holds that collective ownership of property, wealth, and economic decisions is the responsibility of the state.

Our native communities on reservations are, at their core, socialist communities, unlike all other Canadian communities which are capitalist. It is not hard to distinguish the differences. It is not difficult to see where the solution lies to raise the standard of living, increase prosperity, and diminish injustice for Native Canadians.

Many of the non-native protestors are virulent socialists and anti-capitalists, opposed to any development or utilization of our natural resources to create employment, wealth, or to improve our standards of living. They are using Canada’s Indigenous peoples in a duplicitous manner to advance their extreme views and socio-economic political agenda. I reject their cause, the manner they conduct themselves, and their dogma.

I look forward to the day when, treaties and all laws are held in the highest regard by all; when all people are held in the highest esteem based on their individual contributions not their ancestors place of birth. And when we have one law for all, that permits people to exercise their freedoms without causing harm or disruption to others; and when we embrace the old maxim, “live and let live”.

Randy Hillier, MPP

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